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Renewable energies

As for each and every mission, BSVL provide a result-oriented, measurable impact.

BSVL is a firm player when dealing with first-class experience & green energy secured projects.

BSVL actively operate among four sectors : solar, wind power, hydro and biogas.

Our references


Pour chacune de nos missions, nous démontrons notre valeur ajoutée à travers des objectifs clairs et quantifiables en termes de résultat.

Notre méthodologie correspond aux besoins spécifiques de nos clients.

Project holders

Our project-holding clients are provided with a global, enhanced approach of project management. Our scope widens through all the issues that should be faced to whenever real success is aimed at.



The studies phase stands as a key, pivotal time to ensure the success of your very project.

  • Assessment of technical, environmental and regulatory constraints

  • Technical sizing and feasibility studies

  • Analysis and approval of the financial forecasts (CAPEX, OPEX, BP)

  • Scheduling and drafting of a provisional timetable

  • Leading the regulatory approval process

  • Selection of local experts / co-developers





We’ve always believed in synergies as a global approach to the legal and financial aspects is key to success.

BSVL start their actions at the early stages of the legal framework requirements and considerations. BSVL advise in designing the optimal scheme and helps pick the most-adapted technical solutions in order to fulfill the financial schedule and the due key stages.

We seek for the sources of financing opportunities and can identify the key premium players among their widened network.


  • Carrying out the due diligence market, picking a tailor-made banking pool

  • Steering the legal documentation and memorandum

  • Providing support until the closing step





A deep knowledge of the market is required and BSVL handle the audits with time-proven track records.

BSVL control the works adavancement to ensure the due delivery and launch of the project. Our on-site tight supervision brings early response before any impairements or mishaps.

Indeed, more than half the projects which failed or experienced critical issues did so due to early-stage mistakes. That’s why BSVL start their technical audits actions at the early stages of the feasibility studies.


Financial actors and investors

BSVL carries out the technical audits with fostered expertise to help size out a fair value regarding your acquisitions or assets sales while liaising with premium players for a tailor-made advisory.



Relevant technical audits play a major role in an effective acquisition or sale.

BSVL’s valuations and advisory are trustworthy.




Through their connections among the green energies sector, BSVL stand out and provide premium advisory.



As the projects in renewable energies are more than straight financial operations, BSVL can roll out a wide range of relevant banking audits to secure the files and update the whole data blot of the project.

During the pre-closing phase, we ensure the due technical key cornerstones of the financed project.


  • Technical audit of the project, its sizing, processes and Business Plan

  • Capex/opex audit while analysing the technical ratios

  • Construction technical audit and the contracts, equipement supplies and guarantees

  • Authorizations and Urbanism key points

  • On-site visits, supervision and data collection

  • Funds raising and leverage


Total power developed in each sector


313 MW


86 MW


21 MW


90 MW

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